It All Began With A Cocktail

Our founders, Dan, Kelly and Jess, spent years traveling around the world with a group of great friends.  Despite all being successful in the corporate world and with busy family and social lives, they would spend months getting lost in the rabbit hole that comes with planning unique group trips that wouldn’t break the bank.


Their friends benefited from their passion for finding the coolest, most unique and special things to do, see and eat in whatever country they found themselves in next. And as with all experiences these days, their trips were well documented on social media (after all if it’s not posted, did it really happen at all?) leaving family, friends and friends of friends back home wondering what trust fund they stumbled upon to get to go on such incredible trips every year.


One day, not surprisingly over a cocktail on a flight, the idea for GlobeBeyond struck like a lightning bolt. Why should we be the only ones getting to enjoy the labor of our extra curricular travel planning?!  We now dedicate all of our time to planning the best trips for groups to amazing destinations around the world.



Family, Turned Friends, Turned Business Partners



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Coordinator of Group Travel

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Coordinator of Surprise & Delight

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Coordinator of Balanced Travel

What makes us different from travel agencies or just using the interwebs?!

We know that planning a group trip can be stressful. With hundreds of review sites, endless hotel and flight options and navigating through family and friend recommendations, the last thing you want your vacation to turn into is an overwhelming experience. That’s why we created GlobeBeyond!


GlobeBeyond is a digital travel concierge, dedicated to organizing fun, unique and stress-free trips across the world for your group of friends (at a reasonable price). Unlike traditional travel companies that organize tours, we believe it’s more fun to explore the world with your closest friends versus strangers. What makes our trips unique is that we’ve tested them with our own travel crew and fine-tuned things along the way to ensure the perfect mix of culture, adventure, relaxation and memorable experiences.


Booking your group trip with GlobeBeyond will leave you with more time to focus on all the other things in your life, so what are you waiting for?! Your next great adventure is only a button click and PTO request away!



GlobeBeyond is a digital concierge, dedicated to group travel, that delivers fun, unique and stress-free trips across the world. Using technology, in-country travel experience and industry knowledge, GlobeBeyond allows groups to experience places they’ve only dreamed they could afford to explore.

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