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How many people can be in my group?

The maximum and minimum group size varies depending on the trip but typically ranges between 6 and 12 people. Each destination lists the min and max size for each group on the trip details page under “group size”.  

Do you organize the groups or do I have to organize my own group?

Unlike traditional travel companies that organize tours, we believe it’s more fun to explore the world with your closest friends, versus strangers. That’s why we plan trips for you and your existing group of friends.  

Since you know your personality and travel habits better than anyone, we think you should be in the driver’s seat in figuring out who should be in your travel squad.  We’ve had groups that started as a handful of friends, other groups where a couple people each invited a new friend to make a larger group and even family members that liked each other enough to want to travel together.

Where do you plan trips to?

What makes our trips unique is that we’ve tested them with our own travel crew and fine-tuned things along the way to ensure the perfect mix of culture, adventure, relaxation and memorable experiences.  We then make that trip available to you.  

While our current “featured trip” is Greece for Summer 2017, over the coming months, we will be adding additional destinations in case another trip tickles your fancy.  Expect to see trips to South Africa, South America and Europe in the not-so-distant future.  

Can we make adjustments to details of the featured trip?

We plan and book the framework (flights, hotels, transfers, tips) and “must-dos” (excursions, tours, large culinary experiences) for each trip but leave enough room for you to make the trip your own.  

If you would like, we can provide recommendations for activities and/or restaurants in your free time if you literally want to think about nothing on your vacation!

What type of accommodations can we expect on the trip?

When it comes to traveling with a group, the worst thing you can do is be uncomfortable.  Using our industry connections and first-hand local knowledge, we arrange the best accommodations for a reasonable price.  Sometimes this means you’re staying in an awesome boutique hotel with daily breakfast in bed, in a room aboard a private catamaran, staying in a former palace that has been converted to a hotel and or a major hotel chain.  All accommodations will vary by destination, but we can guarantee they will be top notch and you definitely will not be staying in a hostel!

How much do the trips cost?

We work tirelessly to keep the price of the trip in a range that is affordable, especially given the incredible travel experiences we put together! The cost of your trip includes all airfare, accommodations, transfers, and any “must-do” activities in each city.  The cost will differ by trip destination and is finalized based on group size, departure location and exchange rate at time of booking.  

We list the starting cost, per person, on the “featured trip” page along with the trip details and what is included in the price.  When you are ready to reserve your group’s spot (via the “Book Trip” page), we’ll gather the necessary details (group size, departure location and expected payment methods) and provide you with a final, per person price.  Based on our industry knowledge and experience, we don’t expect that any trip will vary significantly from the stated price on the website.

Additionally, once you book your trip, we will provide you with an idea of the monies we estimate you will spend once you get there so that you can budget accordingly.  That would includes meals, drinks, souvenirs, certain smaller excursions your group decides to experience and the cost of cabs when exploring on your own.

How does the booking process work?

Once your group has decided to book a trip with GlobeBeyond simply click on the Book Trip button.  You will be asked to submit some initial information to reserve your spot and get the booking process started. We will get back to you within 24 hours requesting some more details in order for us to send you an official quote with all the relevant information. At that time, we will hold your group’s spot on the requested date for up to 5 days.

Once the entire group’s deposit is received the trip will be booked. The deposit is 60 percent of the final trip price and can either be paid by bank transfer or credit card via PayPal.  A portion of your deposit, up to 50 percent, is refundable until 60 days before your departure date. Note: the credit card price is about 2.9% higher because of fees.

The remaining payment will be due 60 days prior to your trip and can be paid in full or broken up into equal monthly payments from time of deposit.

Check out our Booking Policy page for more details.

How do I pay for the trip?

Once your group is ready, you can reserve your spot via the Book Trip page.  At this time, we will ask the necessary initial information (group size, departure location and expected payment methods) in order to provide you with final, per person pricing.  

Once pricing is finalized, we will send you a summary of the deposit and final payment amounts and a payment link to submit your deposit.  We require a 50% deposit upfront that covers the cost of anything we need to secure upfront, including flights, hotels, and any payments we have to make in advance.  

The final/remaining payment is due no later than 60 days prior to your trip.  That payment can be paid at once or broken up into equal monthly payments if you would prefer.  Our goal is to take all the confusion and stress out of the process so we try and keep things simple and catered to your needs wherever we can.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Your group’s spot is not secured until each member of your group has paid their deposit!

What will we need to bring on the trip?

You will DEFINITELY need a passport and, as long as you are not leaving in the next few days, there are ways to ensure you have a valid passport prior to leaving on your trip.  Obviously the closer you are to departure, the more expensive it gets to have it expedited.  Click here for information on issuing and renewing your passport.

After you secure your group’s trip, we will send you a series of emails detailing all of the other must haves for the trip.  This will include information about:

  • Where, when and how much currency to exchange.
  • A suggested packing list.
  • Any other necessities to think about before departing for our trip.
  • Details regarding the proper amount to tip while in each country.
  • Any local knowledge you will need.
  • Additional information regarding hotels, air travel and transfers.

Do we need travelers insurance?

Travel insurance can minimize the considerable financial risks of traveling: accidents, illness, missed flights, canceled tours, lost baggage, theft, terrorism, emergency evacuation, etc.  Insurance options include five main categories: trip cancellation and interruption, medical, evacuation, baggage, and flight insurance.  If travel insurance is something you would like to add to your trip, please let us know and we can provide you with additional information and pricing.

Who do we call if I have issues on our trip?

Ensuring your group has the best experience is our main goal.  As such, we are committed to making sure your trip goes off without a hitch .  That being said, we know sometimes unexpected things happen and will make ourselves available to you to help reduce the stress of these unforeseen circumstances.  As part of the supplemental information we send you after booking, we will include contact details for both the GlobeBeyond team and some in-country experts who can help you out with any issues you may come across on your trip.



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